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Investing in your people is the best investment you will make

Integrating industry best practices with academic research to help organizations deliver impact

Our Vision

Promote a mindset that values every individual’s unique strengths to actualize their talents

Our Mission

To support individuals to develop the confidence to be their best selves



By utilizing the most recent research-based methods to assess and develop talent.


By applying a lean process improvement and integrative strategic thinking methodology.


By developing the right strategy and aligning an effective sales and marketing practice.

Leaders drive transformational change – employees make it happen

Leonnova helps leaders inspire teams to deliver results.


Partner with Leonnova today to unleash your full potential as a leader, manager, and team member!


We believe that organizations are built on the skills and competencies of their people.
Through our top-quality leadership programs, we can help you realize the full potential of your employees through:

Training and Development

We integrate academic research with evidence from industry best practices to develop our training curriculum. You can choose from our customized or open enrolment courses. Our approach to training includes various tools to compliment lectures, workshops, and engaging activities.


We help you identify new opportunities, enhance learning, and support the facilitation and implementation of lasting change through our personalized consulting services.

Need Assessment

We use our effective 5A methodology to assess your organization and provide you with practical recommendations to help you reach the next level.

Why Choose Us?

At Leonnova our goal is to ensure clients achieve their business objectives by providing a framework to support your unique requirements and dramatically improve your business processes. We are focused on a successful transformational journey through a shared vision of success and structured around Leonnova’s 5A methodology: Assessment, Advisement, Application, Adaptation and Adjustment. This is based on our founders’ award-winning strategy, sales and marketing leadership experience incorporating organizational behaviour and human resources

Business Workout

With a workshop-based training approach known as the Business Workout, Leonnova works with you to accelerate positive change, enable smooth adoption of new processes, create engaging experiences for your employees, and deliver measurable business impacts. Following the needs assessment, Leonnova will create your training solution customized to the company culture and values incorporating digital elements into learning modules to ensure convenience and accessibility.

Our Award Winning University Professors will support you every step of the way



I’ve been privileged to have Sanjay at Leonnova Consulting as my coach. Not only did he provide me and my peers with very helpful insights during the (often challenging) assignments, he has also been of great value in inspiring me to deliver the best possible result.

Vandana Doekhie, MSc. LL.MHead of RFP at NN Investment Partners | Asset Management | Sales | Management

Leonnova team brought insights and guidance to our regular team check-ins, and was a great champion of the work. Once our idea and plan was locked, they became a great cheerleader of our team's efforts going into the presentation development and delivery.

Mark JordanVP Brand Strategy & Chief Communications Officer at Kids Help Phone

Throughout my time working with Leonnova Consulting, one thing I routinely appreciated was their complete passion for leadership and building a high performing team. Their team zeal for collaboration, fostering team engagement and always seeking a bright side is ever palpable, and the resulting enthusiasm infectious.

Christine BruceSenior Leader in HealthCare

Leonnova team brings energy, creativity, and intellectual horsepower to every team/project engagement.

Sonya J LockyerStrategist and Business Leader

It might sound like an exaggeration, but collaborating with Haniyeh from Leonnova was absolutely the very best business decision I ever made. Her guidance and professionalism helped us implement a successful project management and risk prevention process as we conducted a massive software conversion project – the largest of its kind in Canada – that came in on-time and under budget. Without her, the project would have been a disaster.

Avi HymanDirector of Academic and Collaborative Technology at University of Toronto

The J&J Canada Finance team had Leonnova lead us through a customized negotiations training program, where they provided a variety of effective techniques to help the team better navigate client and business partner negotiations. Over the course of the training, relevant case-studies, personalized follow-ups and hands on coaching made the learning experience tailored to their needs and expectations. Lastly, the team appreciated that the frameworks taught were applicable across multiple professional and personal scenarios

K. SethJohnson and Johnson

Sanjay and Haniyeh are passionate coach's/instructors who encourages students to push their own boundaries in service to setting them up for success in the business world. They vest their time and effort into students and leaves a significant imprint on their future endeavours.

Mangala Rao-D’SaSecond Cup Canada

I highly commend Leonnova for their unwavering support of the Velocity Internship Program at Scotiabank. The team's authenticity, engaging approach, and commitment to education have significantly contributed to the program's success. We deeply appreciate their ongoing support, which has undoubtedly enriched the internship experience for participants. Thank you

Ryan CheckleyCampus Program Manager, Velocity, Scotia Bank

Leonnova has been a wonderful partner. They are highly flexible and adaptive. Together we have customized programs that a cover a range of topics: sales, negotiation, leadership, innovation, and change management. The collaborative process has been great, uncovering insights and opportunities we didn't foresee at the outset. I highly recommend Sanjay, Haniyey, and the Leonnova team.

Douglas ColeLinkedin

The partnership with Leonnova has worked seamlessly. They are very open minded, collaborative and their combined academic and industry expertise is unqiue and valuable. Our teams have learned leadership skills that not only improve the overall process, but motivated them to new goals. It’s been a two-way partnership.

Gary KimmelSalesforce
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