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Dr. Susan McCracken


Dr. Susan McCracken is a Professor at the DeGroote School of Business, where she has traditionally teaches accounting elective courses in the Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. Over the past three years, Sue has been leading a new course that aims to develop essential skills and provide experiential learning activities for first year students that facilitates their transition to university and success in the Business Program. During her time at McMaster, Sue has taken on important leadership roles. In her role as Associate Dean, Academic, she redesigned the Bachelor of Commerce curriculum to ensure the program prepares new graduates to become successful business leaders. Previously, as MBA Director, Sue led the redesign of both the full-time and part-time MBA programs.


Sue’s research focuses on how auditors interact with others – that is, how they develop and maintain relationships with the key parties involved in audits and how these relationships might influence auditors’ actions and decisions. Sue has extensively studied auditor-client management negotiations that take place during the preparation and finalization of financial statements. More recently her work has focused on the audit committee relationships and how audit committees evaluate and interact with the auditor and client management. Given her interests in relationships and interactions, she mainly performs field-based research via interviews and interview analyses.