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Dr. Chris Anstead


Imagine a world where all productive energy is focused on the key things to ensure human happiness, where we understand the best and most efficient ways to improve the health of the planet and every living thing on it, and where we can make progress on significant issues because everyone has a clear view of the resources, methods, and opportunities.

I want to help us move closer to that ideal world – by encouraging critical and strategic thinking, good decision-making, and the development of wisdom.

I am the founding Dean of Georgian@ILAC, a private-public business school with over 4,000 international students.  From 2015 to 2018 I was responsible for Executive Programs at the DeGroote School of Business (McMaster University), including the EMBA in Digital Transformation.

Prior to that, I spent 20 years in the private sector as a management consultant, working in the areas of program management, documentation, process improvement and strategy. In 2005 I founded KeyWillow Consulting, serving clients in the financial, utility and mining sector.  The company was acquired by a competitor 10 years later.

I hold a PhD in History (Western University), have obtained the Project Manager Job Skills Certification from Rutgers University, and earned the Chartered Director designation.

I live and work in the greater Toronto area (Canada), and use the pronouns he/him.