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Unique by nature

Leonnova is a consulting and training firm that combines industry best practices with academic research to further organizational success. Our company’s core belief is that people are an organization’s most important asset and improving their productivity is what truly drives results.

This belief is supported by its founding partners’ decades of practical industry experience, which is integrated with research-based knowledge from their academic teaching at globally ranked universities. Our passion is to help companies grow and deliver impact for a better future. We do this at every level of the organization and in a way that is tailored to your business’ unique needs.

Simple Approach

Our approach is simple. By pinpointing your organization’s strengths and opportunities, Leonnova can help your business grow by reducing inefficiencies and cost, while improving productivity and performance.

Through our extensive network and academic affiliations, we also have the capability of bringing in other professors and industry experts as needed.

Our Expertise

We provide end-to-end consulting services through our unique 5A cycle (Assessment, Advisement, Application, Adaptation, and Adjustment). By analyzing your organization’s current state, resources, and assets, we are able to identify potential challenges and risks, understand strengths and gaps, and provide realistic recommendations to further your organization’s growth.

Our affiliation with universities also enable us to deliver cutting-edge consulting based on the most recent research and evidence-based practices.


Managing Partners

Dr. Haniyeh Yousofpour

PhD, PLD, MBA, B.Sc., PMP, Six Sigma Certified

Dr. Haniyeh Yousofpour is a Harvard-educated, award-winning global business professor and consultant, with a passion for organizational change management, influential leadership, and negotiations.

Dr. Yousofpour has provided integrative management consulting, applying her 5A methodology, to multinational Fortune 500 companies, public sector, and midsize organizations, and has helped drive change across all organizational levels. She has also provided executive and employee training to diverse teams on how to perform effectively and achieve results.

She has received multiple teaching awards for her work with global MBA and executive-level business courses, and is frequently invited to be a keynote speaker on leadership, diversity management, and women’s issues.

Sanjay Dhebar

MBA, Author

Sanjay is a highly rated faculty member and facilitator at Schulich School of Business who coaches and develops leaders towards performance excellence. He is the founder of “The Business Workout,” a respected process and practical approach that enables leaders to achieve growth and team effectiveness. He has also recently published his book, Tool Box for Performance Driven Leaders, to compliment his keynotes on the topic.

With over 15 years of experience as a commercial leader in sales and marketing, Sanjay has worked with various clients across public and private sectors to develop the right strategy, align teams to organizational goals, and deliver transformative results.


Dr. Peter P. Constantinou

PhD, M.A.

Dr. Constantinou has been active in teaching and research in the area of policy and administration. Peter is President and CEO of the Political Acuity Institute that offers political acuity training to civil servants, elected officials and private sector clients around the world. He was the Senior International Trade Advisor with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy; and Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to an Ontario Minister of Education and Training.

Peter has recently worked with the Prime Minister’s Office in Vietnam to design a code of conduct for civil servants, and is currently helping the Government of China re-orient 600 universities to focus on a more applied and industry-focused mandate. Peter has won numerous teaching awards at the University of Toronto and in 2015 he was awarded the prestigious President’s University-wide Teaching Award at York University.

Dr. Keri Ewart

PhD, M.Ed

Dr. Ewart is currently an assistant professor with the University of British Columbia in the Masters of Educational Technology department. Dr. Ewart teaches a number of courses including research methods, curriculum issues in cultural and new media studies, text technologies, advanced critical and creative thinking development, and 21st century competency enhancement.

Dr. Ewart is a BOPPPS and 21st century Pedagogical and Andragogical Trainer, and head faculty and trainer at the Critical Thinking Consortium for the past 13 years. Dr. Keri Ewart’s research examines 21st Century competency development and best practice methodologies in K-12 and higher education institutions with a focus towards effective technological integration and critical thinking advancement, attainment, and development.

Dr. JP Gedeon


Dr. Gedeon is one of Canada’s leading transformation, culture, and workforce mobilization experts. All work on his projects is based in scientifically-validated business transformation and leadership principles that have evidenced significant results in raising workplace output and capacity by as much as 22% on a single project. Bringing world-class and cutting edge knowledge in workplace, human, and psychological capital, as well as in culture and transformative team interplay,

Dr. Gedeon has developed the proven CD Model of Transformative Leadership – a recognized leadership modality that has enabled executive teams across North America in multiple sectors to achieve the operational, financial and developmental success they are seeking

Dr. Mohamed Matar


Dr. Matar is a business developer, and lifetime learner who enjoys integrating knowledge from different disciplines to find innovative solutions for non-traditional problems. He leads two parallel tracks: an academic one from his PhD and MSc studying sustainability in construction and infrastructure projects, an MBA, and an applied track where he used academic learning in design, construction, and real estate development projects, implementing sustainability practices whenever possible.

Dr. Matar has been teaching Strategy and Sustainability at various academic institutions. Further he has global experience leading the process of revisiting operating models to implement sustainability practices following the established UN SDGs.

He focuses on sustainability and I has conducted various research on the topic and have published over nine technical papers in the field, all in international journals & conferences.