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Courses customized to your culture, team, and individual leader’s needs

At Leonnova, we understand that the environment and requirements of every organization are unique. Our tailor-made training courses are designed to address your business’ specific objectives. Our training includes practical workshops based on a need identified by your organization or revealed as a result of our assessment.

Our customized training and development programs can help provide your organization with the right tools and strategies to improve employee performance. We can also partner with different academic institutions to develop micro credentials and certifiable training for your organization.

We have three levels of training:


Leadership doesn’t always come with a title. In today’s world, individual contributors are an organization’s greatest asset. Our program for the individual contributors includes skills that are essential for success. Furthermore, we’ll support you identify the individual contributors who have leadership potential, guiding them in the skill development that are needed for growth. Our training ensures that your staff will acquire the abilities to lead without authority and complete their day-to-day tasks more effectively.


Your executives might set company strategy and culture, but people managers bring it to life. People-manager training is the foundation upon which you can build the collaborative environments required for organizational growth. Here at Leonnova, we will guide your leaders across a wide range of skills, including identifying and acquiring talent, motivating, and developing high-performance teams, lead with emotional intelligence, and more.


As the architects of an organization’s strategy, effective senior leaders are what give a business its edge in a competitive global environment. At Leonnova, we focus on training senior leaders on the development of a high-performance culture that will drive impactful, sustained change and results.

What can you expect from working with us:

Sometimes the best way to learn is together in a classroom while other times it is at home with web-based training. At Leonnova, we collaborate with your organization to create a personalized blended-learning course that is aligned to your business’ timelines, budget, and goals. Our courses consist of:

  • Synchronized and asynchronized sections,
  • Assessment modules,
  • Online learning,
  • Simulations,
  • Ongoing feedback, and
  • Evaluation sessions (after each module)
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