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Courses customized to your culture, team, and individual leader’s needs

At Leonnova, we understand that the environment and requirements of every organization are unique. Our tailor-made training courses are designed to address your business’ specific objectives. Our training includes practical workshops based on a need identified by your organization or revealed as a result of our assessment.

Our customized training and development programs can help provide your organization with the right tools and strategies to improve employee performance. We can also partner with different academic institutions to develop micro credentials and certifiable training for your organization.

We have three levels of training:


With the emergence of remote working as the new norm, the role of individual contributors is even more important. While enjoying more independence, employees may also feel disconnected and out of touch.

Our specialized training courses teach individual contributors how to take responsibility for their own engagement, while being an effective team member and leader. When individual contributors understand how they can apply their performance to the success of the organization, they are more accountable, innovative, and take more initiative.


Managers actually implement the strategy of the organization. To do this, they must successfully lead individuals and teams while coaching and being change agent. This requires a self-awareness, and comfort in assimilating the organization’s goals into everyday actions. At Leonnova we encourage a strong foundation of real life training cases founded in a wide breadth of industry experience from our trainers. We will train your managers to be adept at understanding the details while focusing on performance coaching, leading teams and leading change.


The most impactful results for an organization are related to decisions made at the Executive level. Executives drive change, make financial decisions, engage the Board, and manage large resources – both people and assets. Leonnova’s Executive training supports companies in achieving holistic and forward-thinking goals.

Our process helps Executives identify and solve challenges, develop specialized skills for the executive

What can you expect from working with us:

Sometimes the best way to learn is together in a classroom while other times it is at home with web-based training. At Leonnova, we collaborate with your organization to create a personalized blended-learning course that is aligned to your business’ timelines, budget, and goals. Our courses consist of:

  • Synchronized and asynchronized sections,
  • Assessment modules,
  • Online learning,
  • Simulations,
  • Ongoing feedback, and
  • Evaluation sessions (after each module)
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