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Join Leonnova for our exciting webinar series where we will host experts in Education, Consulting, Entrepreneurship and CEOs.

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Program Details

Mastering Consulting Excellence

Feb.6th @ 4 – 5 pm

Unlock the secrets to success in the dynamic world of consulting with our exclusive webinar featuring three seasoned experts who have navigated the complexities of the industry.

Join us for “Mastering Consulting Excellence: Insights from Industry Leaders,” 1 hour power-packed session that promises to elevate your consulting game.

Panel of Experts

Rehab Naseem

Manager – Deloitte

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Ahmed Shohayeb

Senior Manager – Accenture

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Nick Chauvin

Managing Director – LBCG Consulting for Impact

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Innovation in Education

Feb.8th @ 6 – 7 pm

Embark on a journey into the future of education with our insightful webinar on the future of Education with insights from trailblazers.

Join us for a 1 hour enlightening session featuring three distinguished experts who are shaping the education landscape. This webinar promises to inspire, inform, and provide invaluable perspectives on the evolving world of education.

Panel of Experts

Dr. Elena Caprioni

York University

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Blair Hains

Ontario Ministry of Education

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Jason Rosso

Head of The Canada Employment Forum – ILAC Education Group

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Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Feb.12th @ 12 – 1 pm

Explore the dynamic world of entrepreneurship with our exclusive webinar, featured tenured Entrepreners.

Join us for a 1 hour intensive session featuring three highly accomplished experts who have forged successful and innovative pathways in the entrepreneurial landscape. This webinar promises to equip aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike with invaluable insights, strategies, and inspiration for success.

Panel of Experts

Olusegun Villasa

Manager- Black Entrepreneurship Alliance

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Johnny Than

Founder & CEO – Appficiency

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Professor Goran Callic

McMaster University

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Future of Work from a CEOs perspective

Feb.22nd @ 6 – 7 pm

Gain unprecedented access to the minds of industry leaders in our exclusive webinar featuring CEOs.

Join us for a 1 hour immersive session featuring three distinguished CEOs who have steered their organizations to success in a quickly evolving business world. This webinar promises a deep dive into leadership strategies, industry trends, and the secrets behind their remarkable achievements.

Panel of Experts

Vic Gupta

CEO – Create TO

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Kelly Martin

“Best Executive”
(Former CFO of Janssen Inc, Lifelabs Inc and TELUS Health)

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Ashley De Souza

CEO – Waste to Resource Ontario (W2RO)

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